Who We Are

Polo is a sport of speed, skill and tactics, but it’s also a sport of discipline; a sport built around teamwork, respect and subtlety. At the King’s Polo Academy, no matter what age or experience level, we will instil these qualities in every rider and player who comes through our fields. From teaching the basics of riding, to mastering the intricacies of play our team of world-class coaches have decades of experience in both playing polo at the highest level and coaching it.

With a capacity of 200 stables housing premium Argentine-bred horses, perfectly tended pitches and comprehensive courses, our aim is to raise the next generation of Egyptian polo players so that we as a country can challenge and compete at the highest level among the best of the best. Kings Polo Academy aims to redefine the significance of the sport on both a local and regional level as a world-class facility and a home for the sport of kings.

Kings Polo aims to be hub and centre of excellence for the sport of polo – not only in Egypt, but in the Middle East and, one day, the world. By providing a comprehensive, world-class facility, building a community around the sport and raising the next generation of international-level polo players, Kings Polo Academy is a revolution in the making.

Though Egypt has a rich history in equestrian sports, the popularity of polo has dwindled over the last century. At Kings Polo Academy, we aim to be a trailblazer in Egypt and the Middle East for what is widely known as the ‘sport of kings’.


Our Coaches

Building on Egypt’s rich equestrian history, Kings Polo Academy is the first integrated equestrian and professional sports complex in greater Cairo. Sitting just a stone’s throw away from central Cairo, Kings Polo Academy offers a range of different sports, fitness, hospitality and recreational services and activities in the heart of Egypt’s immaculate countryside.

Sprawled across 120 acres of unspoiled land in the sumptuous suburbs of Sheikh Zayed, Kings Polo Academy was crafted at the hands of world class architects, providing an authentic and pure experience in homage to Egypt’s storied history in equestrianism. Built by the by the vision and passion of a handful of polo enthusiasts and players, Kings Polo Academy aims to become a centre for the sport, acting as a trailblazer not only in Egypt, but in the Middle East and the world.

Kings Polo Academy has the perfect facilities, the optimum equipment, and the most dedicated trainers.

Green Belt, El Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October, Cairo

(+02)012 2222 2522